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Kit Kat: give the orang-utan a break

Mar 17

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Kit Kat linked to rainforest destruction and orang-utan extinction


On Wednesday March 17th, orang-utan protestors from Greenpeace descended on the London headquarters of confectionary giant Nestle after the company was revealed to be using palm oil which is destroying the Indonesian rainforest home of the last remaining orangutans to make products like KitKat.

Greenpeace have today released a report detailing Nestle’s use of palm oil, which is a vegetable oil, and how this is destroying the last rainforest habitat of the endangered orangutan. The report details how palm oil used in Nestle products has come from the biggest and most destructive palm oil producer – called the Sinar Mas Group. This company, shows the report, is illegally destroying the Indonesian rainforest and, by doing so, causing more climate changing emissions.


Other large companies, such as Unilever and Kraft, have now cancelled contracts with the Sinar Mas Group. The Group also owns Asia Pulp and Paper, the largest paper company in Indonesia, who are notorious for trashing rainforests for their paper products. Nestle have refused to rule out buying either palm oil or paper products from the Sinar Mas Group.


The recent Fairtrade certification for some of its Kit Kat range shows Nestlé is keen to point to its ethical credentials, which clearly don't extend to deforestation, endangered species, climate change and the screening of their suppliers.


To read 'Caught Red-Handed: How Nestle’s Use of Palm Oil is Having a Devastating Impact on Rainforests, the Climate and Orangutans' go to

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