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Ditch the eco-guilt over disposable nappies

Apr 27

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Make 1 in 4 nappy changes a reusable


As Real Nappy Week kicks off, Ethical Consumer calls on all new mums and dads to ditch their guilt over using disposable nappies. By simply aiming to make at least one in four nappy changes a reusable, parents can cut the carbon emissions of nappy use by 10%.


Using only reusable nappies reduces the carbon emissions associated with disposable nappies by 40%. By making every one in four nappy changes a reusable, these carbon emissions can be cut by 10%. This would be in line with the nationwide 10:10 campaign which calls on supporters to slash carbon emissions in the UK by 10% by the end on 2010.


New dad Dan Welch from Ethical Consumer said:


Everyone knows that disposable nappies are a plastic-wrapped environmental nightmare. But I know that as a new dad the future of the planet isn't always my number one priority. However by aiming to use a reusable nappy every one in four nappy changes, I know that my family is making our contribution to the fight against climate change.”


Ethical Consumer Magazine's extensively researched buyers' guide to disposable and reusable nappies currently recommends the following companies as Best Buys for reusable nappies:





For disposable nappies Ethical Consumer Magazine recommends Bambo Nature as a Best Buy:


Pampers, one of the UK's top-selling disposable nappy came bottom in Ethical Consumer's survey.


The buyers' guide is free to download as a pdf during Real Nappy Week which ends on May 2nd.






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