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Ban the testing of household products on animals

Jul 12

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Campaign for a UK ban followed by a Europe-wide ban



The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is contacting every MP urging them to back a commitment from the Home Office to end the testing of household products on animals.


Lynne Featherstone MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office, has announced: "The Government are committed to ending the testing of household products on animals. Work is under way to define the range of products affected and to determine how this can best be achieved. I am not yet in a position to confirm when such testing will be finally brought to an end, but hope to be able to do so shortly."


The NAVS' "Kick animal testing out of the house" campaign urging consumers not to use animal tested household products, wrote to every parliamentary candidate prior to the election urging them to back a ban. Consumer pressure has led to the abandoning of most testing of household products and their ingredients on animals. However, the most recent statistics, released last year, showed that 132 mice were used in the UK in such tests. More tests are undertaken across Europe, so it is hoped that a UK prohibition could be followed by a Europe-wide ban, as occurred with cosmetics testing on animals.


NAVS Chief Executive Jan Creamer said: "This statement is a very positive indication from the Coalition Government that they are serious about ending the use of animals in testing household products. At a time when relatively few animals are actually used in the testing of household products, the UK has a real opportunity to lead Europe in ending this suffering. The ban on cosmetics testing has shown such legislation works. It is time to draw a line under these cruel and unnecessary tests."


Consumers can also write to their MEP and MP asking for a Europe-wide ban. Details of MPs and MEPs are on the NAVS website. The site also lists manufacturers of cruelty-free household products.






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