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Barclays bicycles rebranded by anti-arms trade activists

Aug 4

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Spanner in the works for Barclays Cycle Hire

As Transport for London was gearing up for the launch of its “Barclays Cycle Hire” scheme on 30th July, some protesters sought to put a bit of a spanner in the publicity works. 

Anti-arms trade activists worked overnight to cover London's new Barclays Bikes with stickers highlighting the bank's involvement in the global arms trade, according to a report on Indymedia.

Almost 4,000 stickers, in the same shade of blue and in the same font as the Barclays branding, were reportedly placed on bikes across the city the night before the high profile launch.

Messages included:

Barclays “Invests in cluster bombs. Offers loans for new limbs”
“£20m investment in bikes. £7300m investment in bombs”
“Funding depleted uranium birth defects in Iraq”




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