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Viral video campaign launched to highlight food sustainability

Oct 21

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Fairfood International launch an online campaign inviting people to film themselves while eating.


As part of the 'Face Your Food' campaign, internet users are filming themselves eating, the video clip is then automatically slowed down and played backwards on the campaign website.



The idea behind the campaign is that with a critical mass of people joining in the food industry will be held to account.

Fairfood International is a non-profit lobby and campaign organisation that encourages food and beverage companies to uphold their social responsibility by ensuring that their products meet sustainable and ethical standards. To this end they make use of social media as a way of disseminating information on the threat to people and animal species posed by harmful agriculture practices and inequitable food distribution.

The 'Face Your Food' campaign was launched to coincide with the UN World Food Day earlier this month on 16 October. So far scores of people have recorded their own video.

On October 28 Fairfood's lead researcher will give a presentation on certification schemes, corporate initiatives and multi-stakeholder initiatives in relation to food sustainability at their London office. This will be open to the public.


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