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Ethical investments soar in Europe

Oct 21

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The value of the sustainable and responsible investment market in Europe has doubled from a value of €2.7 trillion in 2007 to €5 trillion in 2009.


According to figures, from the European Sustainable Investment Forum (Eurosif), there was a total growth of 87% in the period.


France was the economy with the biggest growth in sustainable and responsible investments (SRI) assets with a compound annual growth rate of 407% while the share of retail investors grew in Austria, Belgium and Germany.

The ethical investments market has shown positive growth and expansion in recent times, despite the credit crunch and recession. In December 2009 an investment survey firm found that the amount of green and ethical investment funds available to the general public in the UK had reached £9.5bn.

This is a reflection of public opinion in ethical investments, with a survey by Experts in Responsible Investment Solutions (ERIS) revealing that nearly half of the UK takes into consideration the ethical credentials of financial products they purchase.

In August figures showed how ethical investments in the UK had risen considerably on previous quarters and had even topped the prior peak of sales in the last quarter of 2007.

Commenting at the time, Deputy Chief Executive of the UK social, ethical and green investment forum Adam Ognall said:

“Investment in ethical funds has returned to levels not seen since the credit crunch took hold in 2007. It is a very positive sign that increasing numbers of investors want to make money and make a difference.”

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