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Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2010

Nov 4

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The ballot boxes are now open

Decide which companies will be crowned the worst lobbying group in the EU. You can vote in two categories: 'Worst Climate Lobbying' and 'Worst Financial Lobbying'.

The prestigious accolades, which recognise the hard work undertaken to undermine and distort the democratic processes return after a year's absence.

This year's nominees for the financial category are: Goldman Sachs and derivatives lobby group ISDA; hedge fund and private equity lobby groups AIMA and EVCA; and the UK's very own Royal Bank of Scotland. They count among their shared achievements aggressive lobbying to prevent tighter regulation of the derivative instruments which - in case you suffer from a short memory - wrought so much havoc on the financial markets, to deceptive campaigns claiming that regulation would make Europe less competitivee.

And in the climate category: steel giant ArcelorMittal; business lobby group BusinessEurope; and RWE, also known as npower. These masters of mendacity boast achievements such as raking windfall profits from the ineffective European carbon Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to greenwashing campaigns while continuing to push for 'dirty' energy sources.

This years awards are designed to bring awareness to the concerted efforts by corporations to affect the decision-making processes of the democratic European Parliament, the appointed European Commission as well as democratic processes within individual Member States.

The organisers say that their overall aim "is to expose and counter the dirty lobbying tactics related to climate change policies and financial regulation in order to make the big business lobby less credible among EU decision-making circles".

Critics of corporate lobbyists say that they employ improper methods such as pretending to be concerned environmentalists and securing privileged access to EU decision-makers.

You can vote now for your favourite worst lobbyer at this website:





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