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Boycott the 35

Nov 5

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The companies that signed the pro public spending cuts letter to The Telegraph


The day before George Osborne delivered his comprehensive spending review, 35 business leaders wrote to the Telegraph to praise the cuts to public spending that the review proposed.

A boycott has been launched of the 35 companies on that list on the basis that:

Their confidence in the restorative powers of the spending review was not genuine.

Most are laying staff off and are pessimistic about the recovery.

Retailers who publicly mislead customers aren’t good corporate citizens.

They do not practice ethical business.

Thirty-five is a lot to remember, so the boycott organisers are choosing three retailers a month to avoid.

The three they’re refusing to shop with in November are:

  • ASDA
  • Boots
  • Mothercare


See the Boycott 35 website for more details.


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