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Birmingham carrot mob success

Mar 16

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Pub reaps the rewards after profit pledge

On Thursday 10th February, 500 people campaigning against climate change, crowded into a bar in Birmingham UK in the city's first 'carrot mob'. Carrot mobs are the opposite of a boycott, and happen as part of a concerted campaign to bring extra business to a company doing good things. In this case, the Urban Village bar in Selly Oak, had bid against other local businesses and won by agreeing to invest twenty percent of the evening's takings towards energy efficiency measures.

The event was huge success with £2,360 taken at the bar. According to Annesley Newholm, one of the organisers, "The band were amazing and want to do the next one too. Three comedians also did sets. The bar were extremely excited and said that they had never seen such a busy Thursday. They normally take a quarter of that on a good Thursday."

The Urban Village now has enough extra money to change all its lights to low energy and 500 people have started to think about the power that they collectively wield as stakeholders in their local community. The event was also the launch party for an ongoing scheme called 9carrots which offers consumers the ability to support independent shops in their local community who are saving to become greener. 9carrots shoppers can use participating shops anytime (not just as part of a 'mob') as long as they ask for a 9carrots receipt to indicate that they are there specifically to support the green objectives.

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