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Beyond Fairtrade

Mar 16

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The truth about high street coffee shops

Fairtrade is available on the high street as never before – but is that the only thing to think about? What about wider company ethics? What about Rainforest Alliance?

Our Buyers' Guide to coffee shops includes:

  • The nine top brands rigorously rated.
  • We look beyond Fairtrade coffee to rate the companies’ overall approach to worker’s rights in the whole supply chain, with some surprising results.
  • Best Buy and choosing between the high street brands.
  • Plus we find some very unFair marketing.
  • Check it out and know which way to turn on the high street.


Download the Buyers' Guide now as a pdf for £3.


The pdf includes:

  • all the stories from our database that we used to rate the brands
  • details of company ownership and full contact details


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