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Palm Oil Predators

Jun 1

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UN backed Carbon Credit schemes linked to violence in Honduras.

There have been calls for the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change to withdraw from  Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) schemes linked to Honduran Palm oil company Grupo Dinart after allegations of links to the murder of peasant farmers.

Grupo Dinant is looking for funds from the CDM despite being implicated in 25 assassinations, violent attacks, and kidnappings since 2010.  During the last year, 35 peasants from the Aguán region have been killed by paramilitaries and private security contractors working for corporations like Grupo Dinant.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), is a controversial carbon offset scheme set up by the United Nations under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol. Under this scheme, polluting companies in the North – in this case the French energy company EDF Trading - can avoid having to reduce their own carbon emissions by buying certificates from projects in the South which are supposed to reduce carbon emissions there.

The company are also supported by the World Bank who last year gave them a of $30 million loan to grow African palms in Aguán. However their plans were thwarted by the actions of the Unified Campesino Movement of Aguan (MUCA) who squatted the land.

Farmers, or campesinos, are fighting back through the MUCA. Insisting that they have no intention of surrendering their rights. Juan Chinchilla,  organizer for the MUCA stated that “They can torture us, shoot us, starve us... But we will never give up our dreams, our dignity, or our land.”


Thousands of campesinos have now moved back onto land seized by companies, including  Grupo Dinart, and have planted crops and built huts.

Rainforest rescue have started a petition to stop the government selling the CDM credits to Grupo Dinart you can sign it here.

 Keep up with whats happening in Honduras at the Resist Honduras blog spot.



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