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Catching On To Ethically Sourced Tuna

Jun 1

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Morrison's have become the last of the supermarket giants to succumb to consumer demand for more ethical standards in Tuna fishing.

As reported by the Independent, Morrison's will ban the purse seine fishing technique using fish-aggregating devices (FADS) from the end of 2013. FADS are man-made rafts that attract tuna and other species such as turtles, sharks and dolphins, these are all caught and killed along with the deliberate catch. Morrison's will switch to the pole-and-line method, which minimises the chance of by-catch, already used by Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, and Waitrose.

As a means for commercial trawling FADS have come under attack from organisations such as Greenpeace for several years, and more recently gained greater public exposure from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Channel 4's Fish Fight.

Announcing Morrisons' change, Steven Butt, head of corporate social responsibility, said the firm had been discussing the change with suppliers for months, but credited the campaign as being an "important factor". "It's galvanised the sector and it's raised awareness, which is a very powerful thing," he said, adding the supermarket had received many letters about it.

This year the endeavour for more ethical commercial fishing practices has made remarkable progress with Princes, Tesco and Asda (the lowest in Ethical Consumer's Buyer's guide to the most ethical tinned tuna) bowing to public pressure, pledging to switch to pole-and-line fishing by 2014.

John West, despite being voted as overall second by ethical consumer in terms of overall ethical trading, comes bottom of Greenpeace's tuna league table. John West is now isolated in the industry as the only company with the intention to continue commercial fishing using FADS. To show your support and help obliterate this practise that is devastating marine biodiversity and natural ecosystems, join the Fish Fight at



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