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The Dark Side of Volkswagen

Jun 30

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Help stop VW opposing European fuel efficiency laws


On 28th June 2011, Greenpeace launched a new global campaign to change Volkswagen by turning them away from the Dark Side. A report called 'The Dark Side of VW' details the criticisms.

Volkswagen has been running an ad campaign showing a cute kid in a Darth Vader costume turning on one of their cars. Greenpeace have used the imagery in its campaign against Volkswagen. According to Greenpeace, the symbolism of Star Wars is far better suited to the kind of destruction Volkswagen’s policies threaten to wreak on our planet, than to a fluffy advert to sell more of their cars.

Despite the green image it likes to portray, VW is at the heart of a group of companies lobbying against new laws which we need to cut CO2 emissions, reduce our oil use and protect places like the Arctic from climate change. Along with spending millions on groups lobbying against the 30% greenhouse gas reductions by 2020 target, VW is also opposing new fuel efficiency targets.

Volkswagen were one of the driving forces in the lobbying campaign against the introduction of vehicle efficiency standards in Europe. It has also been part of efforts to oppose the introduction of strong US standards. As the biggest car company in Europe, with the biggest responsibility, VW must change and support strong standards from now on.

Volkswagen says it wants to be “the most eco-friendly automaker in the world”, but only 6% of the cars it sold in 2010 were its most efficient models. It has the technology to do better. VW must set out its plan to make its entire fleet oil-free by 2040.

The Volkswagen Group has more positions on the board of ACEA (the car manufacturers’ association and one of the most powerful lobby forces in Europe) than any other company. ACEA has been leading the charge against strong fuel efficiency standards in Europe.

According to Greenpeace, for every ‘greener’ vehicle VW sells, it shifts around 15 others which emit much more C02. Volkswagen adds a huge price mark-up for its greener vehicles - way above the cost of the technology – as it tries to cash in on your green conscience.

Greenpeace is asking supporters to sign up to the Rebel Manifesto which is asking VW to:

* Stop lobbying to oppose key European energy laws designed to reduce our dependence on oil and Publicly support the EU target of 30% emissions

reductions by 2020.

* Publicly support the agreed vehicle efficiency fleet average target for new cars of 95g CO2/km by 2020, and go further to support even stronger targets for cars of 80g CO2/km by 2020 and no more than 60g CO2/km by 2025.

* In line with this stronger target, commit to making significant year-on-year reductions so that its average fleet emissions are no more than 80g CO2/km by 2020.

* Roll out full BlueMotion across its Volkswagen fleet and fit its best efficiency technologies as standard across all other brands, without increasing weight or power of the vehicles.

* Ensure the next best-selling Golf (VII) consumes less than 78g CO2/km (3 litre/100km, diesel).

* Set out its plan to make its entire fleet oil-free before 2040.




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