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Say no to News of the World

Jul 6

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Advertisers withdrawals show not all publicity is good publicity.

Several major brands have either pulled or are considering pulling their ads from the News of the World over the escalating controversy surrounding the alleged phone hacking scandals.

The most recent news of the world revelation and the most controversial so far, the phone hacking of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler and the families of 7/7 victims, has caused immense public outcry with their behaviour being described as “absolutely appalling” by David Cameron.

The News of the World's estimated £38m annual advertisement revenue is under growing pressure as Halifax, Co-op, Vauxhall, Virgin Holidays, and Ford have suspended their advertising contracts with the newspaper following the allegations and subsequent twitter led backlash. Other major advertisers which include Procter & Gamble, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Coca-Cola GB, Orange and Vodafone are considering following suit.

Halifax owner Lloyds Banking Group issued the following statement: "In recognising and responding to consumer reaction, Halifax has cancelled an advertisement in this Sunday's News of the World.”A spokesman said: "This was a tactical decision in the short term whilst we carefully consider our longer term position and its implications."

Join the twitter protest to put pressure on companies continuing advertising through News of the World (such as Easy Jet, Renault, and Morrisons) at


38 degrees have also set up a petition on the issue and are urging people to write to David Cameron about the proposed takeover of BSkyB.



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