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Lego announces forest plan

Jul 11

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Greenpeace campaign takes effect

Following Greenpeace's campaign launched in June 2011 highlighting toy companies using packaging from Indonesian rainforests, Lego announced on July 7th 2011 that they intend to not buy packaging from companies involved in deforestation.  They have confirmed that this means Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) will not be able to supply the company. The toy company outlined a three-step plan to reduce the impact of its packaging on forests: firstly, to reduce total packaging; secondly, to maximize the use of recycled material; and thirdly to also ensure that all fibre, including any virgin fibre used, comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources.

Greenpeace asked all of these toy companies to take three simple steps:

1. Stop buying paper products from Asia Pulp and Paper – the worst forest offender in Indonesia – and any companies connected to APP.

2. Don’t buy from Asia Pulp and Paper until the company makes real changes on the ground that protect Indonesian rainforests, biodiversity and respect the rights of people living in these forests.

  1. Become leaders in their industry in the use of sustainable forest products for all their toys and packaging, by immediately implementing new procurement policies aimed to cover the purchase of all pulp and paper products.

The other companies named so far in the campaign, including Mattel and Hasbro, which makes Transformers, have so far failed to commit to clear action to remove rainforest destruction from their packaging. They have faced criticism for their weak response to revelations linking them to the destroyed rainforest home of species such as the Sumatran tiger. Disney has not responded at all to the campaign.



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