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UK fish and chips linked to Icelandic whale slaughter

Jul 14

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Is the fish you buy supplied by Icelandic whalers?

There are currently 10,500 fish and chip shops in the UK - is yours supplying fish supplied by whalers? The WDCS (the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) are running a campaign to stop fish connected with whaling being sold in the UK.

A major UK fish wholesaler, Doncaster-based Warners Fish Merchants Ltd, supplies scores of UK restaurants, fish and chip shops and hotels with cod and haddock sourced from an Icelandic company linked to the killing of endangered fin whales. You won’t see Warners' brand name on your high street but you could be eating their fish.

Classified by many countries as an endangered species, the fin whale is the second largest animal in the world after the blue whale with around 30,000 believed to be left in the North Atlantic.

Although commercial whaling is banned, countries like Iceland, Norway and Japan are still allowed to hunt whales for 'scientific research'.

WDCS is asking supporters to:


  1. 1. Contact Warners. Simply use the email letter WDCS have provided, which asks the company to reconsider where it sources its fish because you do not wish to buy fish that has links to whaling.

  2. 2. Iceland’s whaling defies international agreements. Help urge the US government to impose trade sanctions on Iceland’s fish exports. 75,000 of you have contacted them already – join WDCS


You can also see the list of supermarkets and other outlets that have agreed not to sell this fish, as well as those companies who still do.



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