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John West tuna falls into line

Aug 1

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The last of the major UK tuna companies to become more sustainable

It was announced on 26th July 2011 that John West was going to stop using FADs (Fish Aggregation Devices) with purse seine nets, a combination responsible for needless levels of destruction in the world’s oceans.

John West has committed to shift to pole and line in it's John West brand sold in the UK.

John West was the last major UK tinned tuna company on Greenpeace's Tinned Tuna League Table to make this move.

The shift comes after a Greenpeace campaign started in January and involving 51,000 emails, a lot of negotiation, some interesting stickering initiatives, and becoming utterly isolated amongst the UK industry.

But John West is run by MW Brands who sell a number of big tuna brands throughout much of Europe, with John West having strong presence in Ireland and the Netherlands, plus Petite Navire in France and Mareblu in Italy.

According to Greenpeace, if they are serious about making their business truly sustainable then the UK commitment to move to FAD-free and pole and line fishing should be rolled out across all brands in their stable. In turn, this should be taken up by MW Brands’ owners Thai Union, the world’s biggest seafood company, who also own other tuna and seafood brands.



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