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Success. Mattel and Barbie stop toying with the rainforest

Oct 17

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Mattel drops rainforest packaging


Four months into a high-profile Greenpeace campaign highlighting Barbie's role in rainforest destruction, the doll's owners, Mattel have capitulated.

In early October 2011, Mattel announced that it was dropping deforestation and released a global policy that will keep rainforest destruction out of its supply chains.

In those four months, supporters sent over half a million protest emails to Mattel.

A report published by Greenpeace in June 2011, 'How APP is toying with extinction' revealed that Mattel was one of a number of toy companies using paper packaging from one of Indonesia's most notorious companies, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). Greenpeace targeted Mattel as the world' biggest toy company.

Mattel has instructed its suppliers to avoid wood fibre from controversial sources, including companies “that are known to be involved in deforestation”. Mattel had already told its suppliers to avoid buying from APP, but this new policy goes much further and tackles deforestation across its whole supply chain. Their policy also aims to increase the amount of recycled paper used in their business, as well as to boost the use of wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The toy packaging campaign now focuses on Hasbro and Disney.



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