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Get your MP to sign our new Early Day Motion

Nov 10

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Tax havens and public service providers


On November 8th, following Ethical Consumer's article on the ethics at outsourcing companies, a new Early Day Motion asking the Government to exclude companies with operations in tax havens from bidding for public service contracts was placed before the UK Parliament. The Motion had six sponsors: Caroline Lucas (Green), Jonathan Edwards (Plaid Cymru), George Andrew (LibDem), Alan Meale (Lab), Adrian Sanders (Lib Dem) and Mike Weir (SNP).

As of 20th January, the motion now has 44 sponsors.


Early Day Motion 2399 states:

"That this House congratulates Ethical Consumer for its work exposing the poor ethical record of the companies being awarded contracts to run our public services; is deeply concerned that 13 of the 20 companies surveyed avoid tax through the use of tax havens; believes that the huge scale of Government procurement, at around 200 billion a year, has the potential to have a major positive impact on the market for ethical goods and services; notes that whilst the Government has guidelines for reducing its environmental impact through operations and procurement, no such equivalent guidelines exist for wider ethical concerns; and calls on the Government to bring forward a set of legally binding procurement rules that subject companies delivering and bidding for the delivery of public service contracts to high ethical, environmental and anti-tax avoidance standards as measured against the criteria developed by Ethical Consumer."


The government's own website describes EDMs thus: Early Day Motions (EDMs) are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons. However, very few are actually debated. EDMs allow MPs to draw attention to an event or cause. MPs register their support by signing individual motions.


We want to get as many MPs as possible to sign up to the Motion and will be setting up some campaign pages on this website next week. In the meantime, it's still pretty easy to email your MP.

Type your postcode into the box on this website: and you will be taken to a link where you can email your MP.

You could use some of this text, but so long as the Early Day Motion 2399 is there, they will know what you mean.


For a list of other MPs who have signed see



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