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Nov 28

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Benetton responds to Clothing buyers guide

Benetton responds to Clothing buyers guide

We always try and engage with companies before we produce our buyers' guides in order to provide our readers with the most accurate information possible. That's not to say that companies always respond to our request for information sometimes they need a little prompting! Last month we saw one company Benetton respond to our clothes buyers' guide in a positive fashion after they picked up on our blog in the Guardian. Companies which we singled out for not responding to our original requests for policy information were suddenly more forthcoming when the mainstream media got involved

Benetton, highlighted in the report for its low score, provided us with a range of information and added that it had begun working on a Corporate Social Responsibility policy this June which will come into effect in 2012.  Adopting a mature and systematic response to its impacts is often a first key step that a company needs to take in making genuine progress on ethical issues. Co-editor Rob Harrison said “Its fantastic that Benetton are choosing to begin to get their house in order. A CSR policy might only be the first step but sometimes the first step is the hardest one to take. It will be interesting to see how the company fares next time we rate clothes companies in a couple of years”

When companies with more than 2 billion Euro of sales improve their ethical practices, many thousands of people can benefit in immediate practical ways. Buyers' guide author Bryony Moore said “We put a lot of work into our buyers guides and are genuinely please to see companies engaging with us both before and after they are written. If we begin to see real change, not just at  policy level, it makes our work worthwhile. Lets hope Benetton can build on this start and improve conditions right through its supply chain and in regard to its environmental performance."


You can view our buyers guide to clothes here.



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