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Nov 28

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This autumn saw us make two interesting conference appearances

This autumn saw us make two interesting conference appearances.  

Co-editor Rob Harrison was invited to Chile in South America in October where he talked about ethical consumption to a wide range of groups.  Chile now has its own ethical consumer organisation at which is involved with campaigning for sustainable consumption, fair trade and ethical procurement by the Chilean government.  Rob also attended an international event there looking at "humanising globalisation" where politicians, church groups, multinationals and indigenous and excluded peoples exchanged views and set up around 20 new projects on reforming capitalism in South America.

Meanwhile Tim Hunt visited Berlin to speak at the Rosa Luxemborg foundation's conference on co-operatives and workers' control. Tim was invited after writing piece on the radical potential of co-operatives for Red Pepper magazine. The conference bought together workers, activists and academics from all over the world who share a passion for workplace democracy.

Tim said of his trip, “it was a very inspiring event. I spoke to people from Venezuela, Cuba and the US all of whom were working hard to improve the democratic structures within their countries through the strengthening and deepening of the co-operative movement and workers control. Sometimes it can feel isolating in our office in Manchester but this event really helped to put our project into a wider context and show we are part of broad and diverse movement towards horizontalism that is taking shape all over the world from Havana to Occupy Wall Street.”

You can see a video of Tims speaking below.




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