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Petition on corporate tax avoidance

Jan 6

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Avaaz begin new campaign to pressure PM


It seems everyone is campaigning on tax avoidance of one sort or another at the moment - Ethical Consumer, Private Eye and UKuncut to name but three. Now Avaaz are getting in on the action.

The clicktivist's latest petition focuses on the dodgy deal between the UK's Revenue and Customs and Goldman Sachs. A recent parliamentary committee found that HMRC's top civil servant had been offering deals to large companies such as Goldman and Vodafone, letting them off billions in unpaid taxes.
The tax agency has blocked an inquiry into the scandal and refuses to release any documents to shed light on why these tax breaks were ordered in the first place. Campaigners are outaged, claiming the companies involved could owe over 25 billion pounds in back taxes.

A statement on the Avazz website says "The cosy relationship between the public tax authority and major private companies is shocking: the tax agency boss had more than a hundred lunches with big business tax lawyers and advisers, leading to the companies being let off millions in taxes. The agency tried to obstruct a recent Parliamentary inquiry using flimsy confidentiality arguments, and threatened the whistleblower who helped expose the scandal... Only public pressure can change Cameron's position and ensure that big business stop manoeuvring and lobbying to minimise their tax bills, and pay what they owe."

The Avaaz petition itself is calling on PM David Cameron to stop ignoring calls to launch a full enquiry.

You can sign the petition at:

And don't forget to ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion based on our research into tax havens.



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