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Campaign against EDF plans at nuclear power station

Jan 16

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Public meeting on Tuesday 17th Jan to discuss the plans

Dungeness residents have claimed that the Dungeness seascape, one of Europe's most beautiful, was in danger of being destroyed by a botched attempt by EDF to shore up its beach defences.

The controversial planning application from EDF, operator of the Dungeness B nuclear power plant, and the Environment Agency would see 50-100 quarry lorries travel along the resident's unmade road on a daily basis five days a week. It would also involve diggers working along a 300-metre stretch of seafront pulling out up to 30,000 tonnes of shingle a year to dump it back into the sea a few miles away down the coast. The shingle would be "recycled" by moving it on to prop up the eroding coastline in front of the power station further along the coast.

Residents have started a campaign against the plans arguing it was a waste of time and money. They also feared that the huge dumper trucks will destroy the fragile ecosystem and turn away the growing numbers of tourists who have been starting to visit their stretch of the Romney marshes.

Dungeness is of international importance, designated as a national nature reserve, a special protection area, a special area of conservation and a site of special scientific interest.

There is a public meeting on Tuesday, 17 January 2012 at 6.30 pm at the Lydd Community Hall (Manor Road, Lydd, TN29 9HU) with Kent county council and EDF to discuss the proposal.

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