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Move Your Money hits RBS

Feb 23

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As bank pays out huge bonuses people queue to withdraw cash

As RBS announced massive bonuses despite losses of over £2billion protesters lined up outside one of its branches this morning to move their money.

The mini run on the bank was organised by the Move Your Money campaign, which aims to get people to use more ethical banking alternatives.

We spoke to a number of those outside the bank to ask why they were there.

One of those waiting to move his money was Brett, he told us; "I'm here to support move my money. I think what they are doing is really great. I think its hard time we show the banks that their complacent and irresponsible ways are no longer good enough. There are many reasons to move your money but no matter who you are you have good reason to be pissed off with the banks."

Daniel told us "I'm here because RBS are the leading funder of the Tar Sands project in Alberta in Canada, which is the single most polluting activity that's going on at the moment. As a tax payer-funded bank we shouldn't be engaged in that. On the economic side, the economy has been reduced to tatters by the reckless behaviour of banks and our government has not changed the practices of RBS despite it being 84% owned by us. We are trying to get people to vote with their wallets and tear up their RBS cards and go to an ethical bank."

A third protester, Asha told us "I heard about the protest through some friends on Facebook. I'm a customer of RBS and I'm angry about a lot of the campaigns that are currently going against RBS and I want them to know that people want them to change their policies." She added "I'm currently researching which ethical bank to move to".

Campaign organiser Dani told us "We are here as citizens and consumers to say the behaviour of the big banks is not good enough. We need to move our money into banks that better cater to the needs of households, community and wider society."

Despite the different motives for being there one thing was clear; all those there were angry with the state of the economy and the role the banks played in the economic collapse.

Read our Special Banking Report and find out who to move your money to and more about the campaign here.



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