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For Immediate Release Thursday 25th October 2012


Ethical Consumer today calls on shoppers to buy organic milk and help bury the badger cull once and for all.

In its first ever buyers' guide to dairy milk, Ethical Consumer outlines how the long-term solution to the bovine TB crisis lies in the dairy industry adopting the practices of the organic dairy farms. The buyers' guide also examines the policies of leading milk producers towards the proposed badger cull.

Co-author of the Ethical Consumer dairy milk buyers' guide Heather Webb said:

“Many of the problems facing the dairy industry are due to the industrial scale of the UK's milk production which treats its cows simply as mechanical milking machines. Not surprisingly this results in a massive strain being placed on the animals' health which in turn can make them susceptible to a range of illnesses including bovine TB.”

“Organic milk production has got to be the way forward and offers a long-term solution to hard-pressed dairy farmers. By buying organic milk shoppers can send a strong signal to the dairy industry that they want a better deal for dairy farmers as well as respecting badgers and cows.”

Ethical Consumer cites the example of Yeo Valley, one of the largest organic dairy companies in the UK as setting the standard for milk production. Yeo Valley have said that they wouldn't cull any badgers on their farm and instead have adopted a series of progressive environmental initiatives.

With the UK's supermarkets supplying 70% of the country's milk, co-author of the Ethical Consumer dairy milk buyers' guide Heather Webb said:

“We're now issuing a challenge to supermarkets especially those with the more ground-breaking ethical policies to do the right thing and bring their dairy production in line with that of the organic sector.”

In its buyers' guide to dairy milk Ethical Consumer examines the responses of the top selling brands to a wide range of ethical and environmental issues including animal welfare, forced labour, mega-dairies and pricing.

Whilst Ethical Consumer recommends organic milk for shoppers wanting to buy dairy milk, because of the inherent animal rights issues connected to dairy farming Ethical Consumer has also produced a buyers' guide to soya and non-dairy milk.



1 Ethical Consumer recommends the following dairy milk companies as environmental and ethical Best Buys: Bowland organic milk, Calon Wen organic milk, Dale Farm organic milk, Duchy Originals, Graham's organic milk & Yeo Valley organic milk.

2 Ethical Consumer recommends the following soya and non-dairy milk companies as environmental and ethical Best Buys: Eco-mil, Good Hemp, Granovita, Oatly, Plamil, Rice & Rice, Soyatoo! & The Bridge.

3 A copy of the Ethical Consumer dairy milk buyers' guide is available here:

4 Launched in 1989 Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading ethical and environmental magazine. In each issue Ethical Consumer examines the ethical and environmental record of the companies behind everyday products and services from bread to banks.