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In its latest buyers' guide to pet food, Ethical Consumer Magazine is encouraging dog owners to reduce the carbon footprint of their pets by feeding them a balanced vegetarian diet.

“Meat production is now recognised as a major contribution to global warming. With a number of nutritionally balanced dog foods now commercially available, dog owners have the opportunity to cut the environmental impact of their pet,” says the buyers' guide author Katy Brown.

If dog owners are reluctant to feed their pets a vegetarian diet however Ethical Consumer recommends that another effective way of reducing the carbon footprint of their pet is to feed their dog scraps from the fishmonger or butcher which would otherwise be thrown out.

The buyers' guide also reveals that despite being a nation of animal lovers, many of the UK's leading brands of pet food are implicated in the cruel testing of pet food on animals.

Ethical Consumer supports the ongoing boycott organised by the animal rights group
Uncaged against companies which test their pet food on animals. The brands involved in the boycott include Pedigree, Hill's Science Plan dog food and Whiskas and Kitekat cat food.


1 As omnivores, dogs can be safely fed a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet. Ethical Consumer however suggests that if dog owners have concerns about their pets' health and nutritional needs, whatever their diet, then they should consult a vet.

2 In its buyers' guide, Ethical Consumer Best Buys for dog food are vegetarian brands Ami, Benevo, Yarrah and Wackidog and organic meat dog food brand Organipets.

Ethical Consumer Best Buys for cat food are vegetarian brands Ami and Benevo which both contain essential nutritional supplements and organic meat cat food brands Organipets and Yarrah.

Leading dog food brands Pedigree and IAMS scored 0 and 2 out of 20 respectively in Ethical Consumer's Ethiscore rating system.

Leading cat food brands Kitekat and IAMS also scored 0 and 2 out 20 respectively in Ethical Consumer's Ethiscore rating system.

3 Launched in 1989 Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading ethical and environmental magazine. In each issue Ethical Consumer examines the ethical and environmental record of the companies behind everyday products and services from bread to banks. For more information visit the Ethical Consumer website:

4 Ethical Consumer's unique ‘ethiscore’ system rates companies on their social, ethical and environmental performance. For more detail on ratings visit: