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Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2014


The Ethical Consumer Markets Report has been acting as an important barometer of UK spending since 1999. We track sales data across a wide range of consumer sectors.


About the 2014 Report


Ethically-minded early adopters are helping to drive the boom in the UK's ethical market which increased by 9% in 2013 according to the latest Ethical Consumer Markets Report.

Sales of electric, hybrid and other tax-band A-rated cars grew by 78% and are now worth almost £5 billion and represent the strongest growth in the sector.

Growth in the value of ethical spending between 2012 and 2013 was 9%, and is now worth £32.2 billion. This performance looks particularly good when compared to inflation (2.4%) or economic growth (1.9%) over the same period.

This year the project is a new collaboration between Ethical Consumer and the Consumer Data Research Centre, a project run by the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Oxford and University College London.

As part of this new partnership, background data from the research will be released onto an open data platform. This will make it freely available to academics and others who may want to explore particular aspects of the data in more detail.

We think this is an exciting stage in the development of the Ethical Consumer Markets Report and will help to deepen the debate that has always been at the heart of this project.

As part of the Report a YouGov poll asked consumers whether they were currently boycotting any company or product and the reason for their boycotting.




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Ethical Markets Report 2014



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  • Ethical food and drink also saw strong growth of 8% and is now worth almost £9 billion.
  • Sales of electric, hybrid car tax Band A vehicles increased by 78% and sector is now worth £4.9 billion
  • Sales of free range eggs increased by 19% to almost £622 million
  • Sales of sustainable fish increased by 17% to £412 million
  • 20% of the UK population is now actively boycotting specific products or retail outlets as a result of their ethical concerns
  • Almost three million shoppers now actively boycotting companies over their tax avoidance policies




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