Bespoke research


Whether you are looking to move into a new market or run a new campaign we can design and carry out research to meet a range of needs and provide you with a sound base from which to achieve your goals.

Our expertise comes from 20 years of experience of working with leading lights in the ethical business, NGO and charity sectors.

We only work with values-based brands that we would endorse and which make a positive difference to the way we live.


We have provided bespoke research and consultancy in a wide variety of areas including:

  • business sector analysis
  • opportunity analysis in the ethical marketplace
  • campaign research
  • analysis of the ethical market
  • the ethical performance of companies



Our clients include:

Amnesty International, CafeDirect, Christian Aid, Comic Relief, The Co-operative Bank, British Red Cross, Consumer Focus,  Ecology Building Society,  International Consumer Research and Testing, Friends of the Earth, Glasgow Caledonian University, Médecins Sans Frontière Belgium, Natural History Museum, Oxfam, The Guardian, the Soil Association, Water Aid, Women's Institute, WWF


Research topics have included:

  • employment standards in the hotel industry
  • future trends in NGO campaigning
  • retailers' stocking policies on sustainable products
  • cross sector analysis of European clothing retailers
  • supply chain policy analysis
  • the environmental impacts of kaolin mining


Our recent research has included:

  • Research into the UK advertising spend on meat promotion for the Vegetarian Society for promoting National Vegetarian Week


  • Review of Labour Conditions in the Supply Chain of European Clothing Retailers for International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT)


  • Feasibility study for an animal testing cause-related marketing scheme for a major ethical cosmetics company


  • Horizon Scanning NGO Campaign Trends semi-annual or periodic review for The Co-operative Group’s “Customers’ Who Care”


  • Review of Ethical Issues in the Cotton Industry comprehensive study for the ICRT


For more information please contact

email: consulting[at]

Tel: +44 (0)161 226 2929