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Last updated: December 2017



Ethical Shopping Made Easy


Money is a vote which you can use every time you go shopping. By using your spending power wisely you can help in the struggle towards a better world. 

However, sometimes choices aren't straightforward. Should I be buying local, organic or fair trade, what distinguishes them? Ethical Consumer breaks down these ethical dilemmas and provides simple solutions.  This section explains different 'ethical' categories, shares small shopping tips that can make a big difference, introduces consumers to the world of ethical fashion and turns the spotlight on ethical businesses. 

Why Buy Ethically?

The Vote in Your Pocket

Find out how quick and easy it is to use your consumer power

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Talking Ethics

Spotlight on ethical business

Interviews with Ethical Businesses

We celebrate businesses who put ethics at the forefront of their business model. We find out what sets them apart from most companies and what their objectives are for the future. 

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Ethical Fashion

Pushing For a Sustainable Future

Our guide ensures that you are up to date with clothing campaigns, provides tips on how to avoid the 'fast fashion' trend and promotes ethical fashion retailers who strive to make thoughtful clothing.

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Sustainable Food

healthy basket

Fighting For Food Sovereignty 

Consumers have become disconnected from the people who grow and produce their food. The food sovereignty movement aims to close this gap and re-introduce people to farmers and growers around the world who are being exploited for cheap labour.   

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Palm Oil Free List

How to Avoid Palm Oil

Palm oil is in so many consumer goods (food and cosmetics) it's hard to find products without it. Use our list to help ensure that you avoid an ingredient that has caused many environmental and social problems through irresponsible cultivation practices.

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