2014 wish list

Our hopes for 2014


Some of our staff give an insight into what they are hoping will change in 2014.



Anna, writer and researcher

I hope that local councils and individuals come together to force fracking companies to withdraw from the UK (and elsewhere!), despite the governments unethical move to offer tax breaks to councils giving the green light to fracking. I also hope that the EU's amended Environmental Impact Assessment directive becomes law- making it a requirement for all private and public shale gas and many other unconventional exploration projects involving hydraulic fracturing in the EU to undertake an EIA.




Heather, writer and researcher

In 2014 I would like to see retailers take more responsibility for the workers within their supply chains. I would like to see all industries commit to paying a living wages to all workers (including workers within developed countries). High street clothes shops should also take more responsibility for the health and safety of garment workers and those companies that have yet to pay compensation to workers injured or killed in the Rana Plaza fire, Bangladesh, to PAY UP. I want 2014 to be a year of positive workers' rights stories less about companies ignoring or adhering to the bare minimum legislations.




 Jennie, marketing administrator

In 2014 I would like to see a moratorium on coal bed methane, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and other new forms of damaging mineral and gas extraction worldwide. I would like to see more investment into renewable and 'appropriate' technologies particularly in the West. The end of international capitalism would be nice too; I can dream...



 Jane, production co-ordinator

This year I'm hoping for:  

a) a ban on the testing of household products on animals, as promised by the Coalition government in July 2011. 

b) the current two-year ban on bee-killing pesticides becoming permanent.

c) an EU law to prevent EU companies sourcing conflict minerals, just like the Dodd-Frank law in the USA.





Katy, co-editor and consultancy manager

I'm hoping that the current trend in the come-back being made by real fur on our high streets will be reversed. The farming of animals for their fur was banned in the UK on the grounds of public morality in 2000. I would like to see retailers and designers uphold the spirit of the law by refusing to use or sell real fur, and consumers refusing to buy from any company which uses real fur, ultimately I would like to see a ban on the import of real fur into the UK.



 Michael, web & marketing specialist

A few of the things I'd like to see:

1) Consumers forcing action on corporate tax avoidance.

2) Proper ethical procurement policies for public bodies.

3) Pay multiples becoming a major public issue.

4) The EU to take serious action against Google for anti-competitive practices, tax avoidance, and  privacy violations. 




Tim,  Amazon campaign co-ordinator

I'm hoping that the government and HMRC will begin to address the issue of corporate tax avoidance in a more meaningful way. Last year we saw no real steps forward despite the continued high profile campaigning by a host of organisations including ourselves. With one in four consumers now saying they are willing to boycott companies over their tax avoidance, it's clear that consumers see this as an important issue and one which lawmakers need to address quickly to help ensure the future of our beleaguered public services.






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We all want to see real social, environmental and economic change in 2014 but what changes do you most want to see? 

Are you hoping for a change in legislation to stop tax avoidance, a new labeling scheme for palm oil free products or an end to the badger cull? 

Whatever your wish for 2014 we want to hear about it. 

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