Co-operative Phone and Broadband

The Co-operative Phone and Broadband is a Best Buy Label company





The Co-operative Phone and Broadband was a Best Buy in the Ethical Consumer's product guides to:


Broadband published in November/December 2013

Email provider published in September/October 2014

Mobile Phone Operator published in November/December 2013

Telephone Line Rental published in March/April 2008





What is the Ethical Consumer Magazine Best Buy Label?


It's a consumer product label that's now appearing on an increasing number of ethical products and services.


What's the point of it?


The Best Buy Label helps shoppers choose genuinely ethical products and services.

For example a jar of coffee could be certified as being organic, Fairtrade or both but be made by a controversial multi-national corporation.

Because the Ethical Consumer is an established and trusted name within the ethical market, shoppers can be reassured that when they're buying a product or service carrying our Best Buy Label they're making the best possible ethical choice.


So how does a product or service become a Best Buy?


Each issue of Ethical Consumer magazine contains buyers' guides to everyday products and services from baked beans to building societies.

Using the Ethical Consumer's extensive database, our researchers rate both the product and the company behind the product against more than 20 animal welfare, environmental and human rights criteria. Learn more about our ethical ratings.

Based on these findings we then identify and recommend a number of environmental and ethical Best Buy products.


Who are Ethical Consumer?


Ethical Consumer is a not-for-profit organisation, owned and managed by its staff as a worker co-operative. We exist to promote universal human rights, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

Our way of going about this is by researching and publishing information on companies and their products 20 years of independent research into the social and environmental records of companies.

Founded in June 1987 we are proud to have maintained our independence, and are funded entirely by readers' subscriptions, adverts from ethically vetted companies and research consultancy work.