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WHAT IS SUBLOW? At Sublow we produce quality, hand printed, environmentally friendly, creatively designed garments. All of our apparel is ethically sourced, and printed using sustainable material. We collaborate with designers, photographers, artists and illustrators from across the world that inspire us and encompass everything Sublow stands for. We are also committed to limiting our wastage by recycling and re-using as many materials as possible. WHAT DO WE REPRESENT? COLLABORATION Through collaboration we aspire to create a network of friends that support each other in their creativity. SUSTAINABILITY We don’t like the idea of causing harm to the environment. For future generations to enjoy the world as we have, we feel its right to do things in a sustainable way. PERSONALITY We put our unique personalities into everything we do, because we don’t know any different. It is important to have originality, don’t be afraid to be yourself. FREEDOM We love the freedom of partying at festivals, meeting friends at the skate park and relaxing on the beach. We want this feeling to be incorporated throughout our design range. SOUND Sound is at the heart of all of us. We represent the art of sub-low frequencies

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