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  • Dean Forest Food Hub

    On-line farmers market selling mostly local organic food in the Forest of Dean

  • Goodfayre

    Goodfayre is an ethical retail store selling good goods, everything in the store has a story and has been on a journey. We operate using social enterprise aiming to inspire change. We want to encourage people to become more sustainable, treat animals and people fairly and help not harm our environment. We will share in our success with our customers, staff and the local community. We sell food, drink, gifts and products for the home and all of them are ethical alternatives and we source the best ethical products we can find. Our store will provide events, enabling our customers to get to know our products and the processes and stories behind them. Customers will be able to “try before they buy,” “meet the maker” “or “make their own” We source the most ethical products and work closely with our suppliers to ensure the products are produced with the highest ethical standards. We will provide you with the information so you can get to know your products and whats in them. Together we can change the way we shop to help not harm our planet and all that live on it.

  • Hornett Wholefoods

    A meat and cruelty free shop, appealing to those who want to shop ethically. Awareness of allergies, ethical companies and animal friendly products. Owners who are passionate about compassionate shopping and lifestyles and promoting how 'normal' this can be!

  • JTS (Just Trading Scotland)

    JTS imports and sells delicious fairly traded food products from the developing world. Our mission is to empower and educate producers and consumers and to provide sustainable incomes for smallholder farmers.

  • Mama Making Changes

    Eco-friendly mom blog about healthy, green, sustainable living.

  • Rainbow Wholefoods

    Rainbow began wholesaling in 1980. That makes us one of the longest-established wholefood wholesalers in the country. Our customers tell us we’re one of the best, too. Though Rainbow today bears little resemblance to the original model in terms of its size - over 5,000 magnificent products and over 30 people to help you - we retain the same core values we set out with. To provide our customers with the finest wholefoods we can find, at a fair and reasonable price. And to do it with a level of service - speedy, efficient and always friendly - that will keep every single one of our customers happy and contented.

  • Rocket Catering

    Rocket Caterers are based in Leeds and is a green ethical catering business which sprung up as a result of people asking for healthy, delicious and eco-friendly catering, that suits a range of different diets and doesn't cost the earth. We specialise in vegetarian, vegan and special diet catering such as raw food, wheat-free, gluten-free. Most of what we produce uses local food, seasonal and wherever possible, organic, incorporating own grown produce. We use Ecotricity for our energy and our transport needs are met by a local car pool scheme. High ethical catering standards is what we offer.

  • Sarah's Feisty Flavours

    Small home-based business in Worcestershire making preserves from predominantly locally grown ingredients with a strong focus on seasonality and sustainability.

  • Steamie Bakehouse

    The Steamie Bakehouse is an artisan bakery based in Dunfermline, Fife. We bake naturally leavened breads, concentrating on wholegrains – giving our healthful loaves big flavours. We strive to make our bakery as ethical and sustainable as possible: our flour is stoneground organic and sourced as locally as possible

  • Steenbergs

    At Steenbergs, we are passionate about providing organic teas, herbs, spices and cooking ingredients, all packed with flavour, aroma and provenance. Steenbergs products are: ethically sourced - many carry the Fairtrade Mark

  • Suma Wholefoods (Triangle Wholefoods Collective Ltd)

    Suma Wholefoods offer their own trusted brand of wholesome, healthy and ethical products like Fairtrade tinned beans, organic pasta an handmade natural soaps. Suma is also the UK’s largest independent wholefood wholesaler, specialising in vegetarian, fairly traded, organic, ethical and natural products. Suma operates as a workers’ co-operative committed to ethical business.

  • Veggies Catering Campaign

    Veggies Event Catering is based on our own Ethical Consumer Best Buy products and other locally-sourced, fairly traded &/or organic ingredients. We also provide buffets for meetings and family celebrations, and full meals for camps, gatherings and conferences. As Veggies foods are always vegan our menu is suitable for everyone, (whether or not vegan or vegetarian), including most cultural and religious preferences. As Campaign Caterers we cater at many events to encourage mutual support for positive social struggles, whilst promoting the benefits of vegan diets for people, animals and the environment. To reduce our own food miles we compile a directory of other vegan/vegetarian caterers - - for events beyond our reach and supply dry mixes to help others provide vegan options elsewhere.

  • Yarrah Organic Petfood

    Yarrah has been producing Nature's Finest Organic Petfood since 1992, we were actually the first company in Europe to produce organic petfood. Throughout all these years, Yarrah has always used the best organic ingredients available to produce our dog and cat food. All our delicious products are complete meals with exception of our snacks. This means our food products contain all the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the right proportions for a healthy pet.