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Goodfayre is an ethical retail store selling good goods, everything in the store has a story and has been on a journey. We operate using social enterprise aiming to inspire change. We want to encourage people to become more sustainable, treat animals and people fairly and help not harm our environment. We will share in our success with our customers, staff and the local community. We sell food, drink, gifts and products for the home and all of them are ethical alternatives and we source the best ethical products we can find. Our store will provide events, enabling our customers to get to know our products and the processes and stories behind them. Customers will be able to “try before they buy,” “meet the maker” “or “make their own” We source the most ethical products and work closely with our suppliers to ensure the products are produced with the highest ethical standards. We will provide you with the information so you can get to know your products and whats in them. Together we can change the way we shop to help not harm our planet and all that live on it.

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