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Beauty Kitchen is a brand new, ethical, beauty brand that uses only 100% natural ingredients in all of its products. Beauty Kitchen products are unique. They are handmade to the customer’s specific recipe choice in the Beauty Kitchen. They contain only 100% natural ingredients, using organics where possible. Beauty Kitchen minimises its carbon footprint by using locally sourced, recycled and pre-cycled packaging where possible. Packaging can also be personalised by the customer. Beauty Kitchen has been created to fill a void in the current UK beauty market. Hundreds of beauty products make daily claims that they are ‘natural’ when in reality they contain synthetic fragrances or ingredients sourced on the other side of the world and flown into the UK creating huge carbon footprints. Others are overpriced or over packaged. Disillusioned with a market full of these ‘unnatural’ products, the team behind Beauty Kitchen decided to stop playing dissatisfied customer and restore some karma. Beauty Kitchen’s promise is that it will always try to use the most local, fresh ingredients and pre-cycled or recycled packaging. Beauty Kitchen has stripped back core beauty products to their basic ingredients and created simple, yet highly effective recipes. The resulting range of gorgeous products not only work incredibly well, but also smell fantastic, look great and are everyday affordable. Beauty Kitchen’s products can either be made fresh to order in the Beauty Kitchen or customers can choose from one of Beauty Kitchen’s Off the Shelf Favourites.

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