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Last updated: January 2017



#FightFastFashion Twitter Campaign

Our clothing report highlights how small steps have been made to make fashion more ethical. However, little has been achieved in tackling the alarming issue of waste in the mass production of clothing. 

Shoppers no longer have to wait half a year for new seasonal stock to sweep the shop. Instead, financially focused retailers are cashing in on the 'fast fashion' that now arrives in store every week. 

Why is it a problem?

This trend has created a 'disposable' mentality, as consumers discard clothing more often. This throwaway culture is causing around 350,000 tonnes of clothing to end up on landfill.  

Our #FightFastFashion campaign is in opposition to the annual January sales. We want people to fight the urge to spend more cash and instead to learn to love the clothes they are in. 


Image: 2017 campaign


Get involved

Tweet or Instagram a picture of yourself in your favourite pre-loved or long-loved clothing. Buying second-hand clothing is one of the simplest ways to tackle the issue of waste. 



Check out the campaign below:




It is not too late to take part!



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