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Last updated: November 2016 




Spotlight on: Brothers We Stand


The founder of Brothers We Stand, Jonathan Mitchell, tells us about his online menswear retailer


Tell us about your business

I set up Brothers We Stand to help people find ethical men’s clothing with great design! I noticed that there were a growing number of designers working in this way and I thought it would be cool to bring them together on one online platform which would support people to build a wardrobe to be proud of!

Image: Brothers We Stand

Jonathan, founder of Brothers We Stand

Each product has a ‘footprint tab’ explaining its social and environmental impact and people can purchase products from our site using one hassle free checkout even when ordering from multiple brands. 


Why do you think you received our Best Buy Label?

I know the Ethical Consumer team were impressed with our ‘product footprints’ which provide detailed information about items provenance at ‘the point of sale’. I’m really excited about this aspect of Brothers We Stand and providing clear and transparent information is a core part of our vision. But it’s only possible because the brands we work with have built incredible supply chains which they know all about and are able to share honestly with us. 


If you had to sum up the ethos of Brothers We Stand in two sentences, what would it be?

We want to make great menswear that is ethically made available to people. Through doing this we want to play a role in transforming the fashion industry and making ethical production the norm. 


Image: Brothers We Stand


Have you had to make a business decision that challenged your ethical standpoint?

I believe that it’s important to always act in line with your principles so that’s what I’ve tried to do. Sometimes this has meant passing up good ‘business’ opportunities but I trust that in the long term it will be worth it! At the same time I try to be pragmatic and not demanding perfection is sometimes necessary to allow progress to happen. 

Have you witnessed a growing interest in ethical fashion?

Yes! Since I started Brothers We Stand the concept of what it means to produce fashion ethically has become much more widely understood. There is a growing community of people getting behind the movement and I think that is really exciting. Change always begins with a small number of dedicated people and I think if we keep the momentum up we can achieve significant change in the fashion industry! 


Image: Who Made your Shirt


Where can consumers find your products? is the place to go! I can also give you an exclusive that we’re exploring some kind of physical presence in Bristol but that’s not till the new year and still being investigated! 

For now we hope you enjoy our website and look forward to providing you with some great menswear! We have a lot of sisters who enjoy our stuff so it’s not just for the brothers! 

Subscriber Discount

Did you know subscribers can get a 10% discount when they buy from the Brothers We Stand website. Go to the subscriber area to access the code. 



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