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Last updated: May 2016



Sabai Soaps


New to our Ethical Directory, we spoke to Sabai Soaps about its organic beauty brand


Sabai Soaps



Tell us a bit about your business

Relatively new on the health and beauty scene, Sabai Soaps produces ethical skincare products. We offer luxury skincare products that are hand-made in Thailand. These natural and tropical ingredients found in Thailand, have been working wonders on Asian skin for years. We want these exotic ingredients to be easily accessible in the UK. 20% of profits that we make goes to charities working in and around the local area. 



What makes you an 'ethical' business?

We only use organic and sustainable ingredients in our products which are produced in one small family run factory.  We also only use natural vegetable ingredients with no chemicals or animal ingredients used. Our work with local charities ensures that our customers can buy with the confidence that they are giving back.


What stands you apart from other businesses?

Our unique range of products and our socially conscious business philosophy.



What challenges have you faced as an ethical business? 

Finding products that were produced using sustainable and ethical practices was our biggest challenge. 



How to you hope to grow in the next 5 years? 

While we don't hope to take over the world, we hope to grow our business and brand to become a recognised name in the ethical beauty and skincare market.  Alongside this we hope to expand our range of products without compromising our philosophy. 



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