Sustainable Food

Last updated: April 2017 



Justice in the Food System


The discussion around food and ingredients is often dominated by health implications. We are bombarded by messages in the media claiming 'you are what you eat'. When it comes to food, questions about the working conditions of farmers and unsustainable production cycles are often overlooked. 


Drawing on the growing food sovereignty movement, this section highlights ethical alternatives to a food system which is powered by large corporations rather than the people who produce the food. 





Ethical Fry Up

full english

Enjoy an Ethical English Breakfast

The English breakfast need not be the preserve of meat-eaters and the environmentally unaware. 

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Food Campaigns

food sovereignty

Campaigns Striving for a Fair Food System

We list a few NGOs campaigning for a food industry that respects animals, farmers and the planet.

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Food Labelling


Ethical Shopping Made Easy 

Use our guide to food labelling to help you make simple ethical choices. We uncover some of the hidden ingredients and confusing labels.

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Kindling Trust

Image: Kindling Trust

Campaign for a Sustainable Food System

Leonie Nimmo talks to Helen Woodcock from the Kindling Trust, a project aiming to give local, organic produce to everyone. 

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Veggie vs Meat

veggie burger

Comparison of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

How does the production of beef compare to chicken? Does Quorn result in less greenhouse gas emissions than soya?

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Veg Boxes

veg box

The Rise of the Organic Veg Box

Veg Boxes were popularised in the 1990s and were introduced as a way of having a direct relationship with where your food comes from. Find out how they have changed and whether they are under threat from supermarket 'wonky veg boxes'. 

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