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Last updated: February 2017



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Discover how you can reduce your carbon footprint indoors and enjoy a toxic-free home. 

cleaning tips 


1 - Buy green cleaning products


Avoid toxic and non-renewable ingredients by choosing greener products. Sales of greener cleaning products are increasing every year having risen from £3m in 2000 to £42m in 2010. There are now many brands to choose from and some are available in supermarkets.

See our product guides:



2 - Make your own


Go one step further and make your own from the handful of cleaning cupboard essential ingredients. Interest in making your own has also grown bolstered by the TV programmes ‘How Clean is Your House’ and the more recent ‘Superscrimpers’.

Here is our guide to creating your own DIY non-toxic cleaning kit.



3 - Wash at lower temperatures


To reduce carbon impacts, experiment with washing laundry at the lowest temperatures that give satisfactory results.



4 - Campaign for an animal testing ban


Support groups such as Animal Aid, PETA, Uncaged, BUAV, Humane Society International, RSPCA, Naturewatch, the Vegan Society and Viva!

More about animal testing of cleaning products.



Product Guides

cleaning product guides

Ethical shopping guides to cleaning products

Ethical scorecards, ranking tables and Best Buys on over 50 companies in 5 different markets. 


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