Solar Power Panels



Increasing numbers of households are taking advantage of the recently introduced feed-in tariff for home energy production. In fact fitting solar panels on your roof is one of the most important, and now cost effective actions that a green consumer can take. 


In the first research of its kind we have surveyed the environmental and ethical policies of 13 companies who supply solar power panels to the UK domestic market. 


The results reveal that some of the world's biggest makers of solar power panels are in fact amongst the least ethical with BP and Sanyo coming bottom in the survey.

In the same buyers' guide we also identify the most ethical small wind turbines.


Download the full buyers' guide here for £3


This Solar PV & Wind Turbines buyers' guide is 35 pages long and has:

  • detailed ratings for 13 brands of solar pv panels
  • detailed ratings for 11 brands of wind turbine
  • all the stories from our database that we used to rate the brands
  • details of company ownership and full contact details
  • live links to all the websites in the report


Download it here for £3



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