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We're very proud to be part of the campaign to save the hen harrier.

Last year the RSPB announced that the hen harrier, a bird of prey once common on Britain's uplands, had failed to raise a single chick across the whole of England.

The hen harrier's natural habitat is heather moorlands which are increasingly being managed by landowners as grouse shooting estates.

A recent report by Ethical Consumer confirms that illegal persecution by gamekeepers is a key element, but paints a more complex picture of intensification, greed and ignorance on some of our few remaining wild spaces.



Shaping the campaign

Ethical Consumer has been looking at how to put pressure on businesses linked to grouse shooting.

We recently asked our readers to give their input into how best to target or focus this element of the campaign. They posted their ideas and feed back on our forum. Join the debate >  


More on grouse from Ethical Consumer:

Our magazine feature on Stopping the intensive farming of grouse published in June 2014.

Our full Report on Hen harriers, greed and biodiversity on England's grouse shooting estates (34 paged PDF)

Appendix 1 to the Report listing people and businesses connected to the grouse shooting industry.



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