Constellation Brands


Residents of Mexicali in Mexico have called for a boycott of Constellation brands after the company took control of the areas water supply. Constellation plans to build a new beer factory in the region which will drain 7-15 million cubic litres of water every year – or 3-6% of the area’s current usage. The factory will produce Grupo Modelo beer, which will be largely exported to the US. 

Mexicali Resiste, the group behind the boycott, says that the company’s access to this water is a result of corruption. The company originally planned to lease water from wells owned by the director of the Department of Economics, according to the campaigners. After protests forced a change of plan, the company was offered a drinking water line from federal property.

Jesus Galaz, spokesman for the Mexicali Resiste stated,

If companies can operate everywhere they want because of free trade, then we will also be international activists.

Read our interview with Jesus Galaz about Mexicali Resiste, the campaign behind the boycott call.

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