Fortnum and Mason


PETA call for a boycott against Fortnum and Mason for selling foie gras. The luxury food is made from the liver or geese or ducks that have been specially fattened. This is done through force feeding, using a feeding tube to give the bird corn. Ducks have to be force fed twice and geese between three or four times a day. Their livers swell up to ten time their normal size, which means that they press against the birds' lungs, causing difficulty breathing.

In 2012, PETA UK did an undercover investigation into the Sarlat Perigord cooperative, from which Fortnum & Mason's distributor sources foie gras. It says:

These intelligent, gentle birds are condemned to spend the last weeks of their life in small, barren pens, where they are forced to stand 24 hours a day on metal grating as their urine and faeces build up underneath. The geese panic and struggle as they are roughly grabbed by the throat and a metal pipe is forced down their throats so that huge amounts of grain can be pumped into their stomachs.

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