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The BDS Movement has called for a boycott of both Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and HP Inc. HPE and HP Inc. have been two separate businesses since 2015, but BDS says "Both HP-branded corporations remain complicit in Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism."

HP Inc is contracted as the exclusive provider of personal computers to the Israeli military, which BDS says it uses "within the context of ongoing war crimes and systematic oppression of the Palestinian people. HP has been supplying the Israeli military since 2009, with its most recent contract signed in 2014, extendable through 2019."

HP previously developed the BASEL system, a biometric identification system for use at Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank, which controls Palestinian movement through a system of ID cards and biometric information. It also worked with the Israeli military, maintaining its IT infrastructure, while it imposed a naval blockade of the Gaza strip. BDS states:

For these and other past ties of complicity with Israel’s occupation, apartheid and settler-colonialism, HP-branded companies must provide reparations to the Palestinian victims of these crimes.

More than 1.7 million people have signed a petition calling on HP to end its role in Israeli apartheid, and several US churches have voted to divest. Read more about the Israeli apartheid Boycott here.

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