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GMO-Free USA has called a boycott of Kellogg's over the company's use of GMOs. The organisation stated that it had tested two Kellogg's cereal products, both of which were found to contain GMOs and glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide. The campaign claims:

Kellogg’s actively fought against food transparency and contributed nearly $2 million to propaganda campaigns to defeat citizens’ ballot initiatives for mandatory GMO labeling in California, Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

The campaign says that Kellogg’s spent over $3.6 million lobbying the US government in 2013 and 2014 to fight mandatory GMO labeling, something which it says that over 90% of all Americans want. It says that the pesticides and herbicides that the company used "deplete the soil, harm earthworms and other beneficial non-target organisms, and put the Monarch butterfly, bees and other species in jeopardy."

The campaign is also targeting Kellogg's due to that fact that it 'heavily markets to children'. It asks its supporters to contact the company about its GMO ingredients and lobbying. Over 11,00 people have signed the petition.

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