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The Save Our Monkeys campaign, run by Cruelty Free International, is calling a boycott of Mauritius over its complicity in the live export of primates. The campaign states that Mauritius is one of the world’s largest suppliers of monkeys for experiments, exporting the animals to labs in Europe and the USA. During 2014, 8,991 monkeys were exported to laboratories primarily in Europe and the USA.

However, the organisation points out that the income from live exports of monkeys is minute compared to tourism, amounting to just 2% of Mauritian export income. It is calling for the government to move towards ethical tourism instead. In 2015, the campaign delivered a 162,000 strong petition to the Mauritian Prime Minister, calling for an end to the trade in monkeys from Mauritius.

Cruelty Free International has run under-cover investigations into the conditions on in monkey farms in Mauritius, as well as in facilities to which Mauritius exports the animals. It found that monkeys were being killed on the farm because they were excess to requirements, and once transported to testing facilities were subject to scientific experiments that caused them serious suffering.

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