Merlin — Sea Life Centres

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The Sea Lies campaign is calling for a boycott of all Merlin Entertainment brands (Sea Life centres; Alton Towers; Legoland etc) due to their treatment of captive animals in their aquariums. The campaign is run by Captive Animal's Protection Society. In 2013, the Captive Animals' Protection Society commissioned an investigation into the Sea Life chain of aquariums.

The resulting report accused the company of taking animals from the wild to populate its aquariums, despite claiming that it would "never get any animal from the sea because we find it cruel". Sea Life was said to permit the killing of healthy animals because they were “surplus to requirements” or “too large to house” provided that it was first discussed by the company's Ethical Committee. The chain's parent company was also found to have purchased three other aquariums that housed dolphins or whales in confined conditions.

The campaign also raises wider animal welfare concerns and says that fish in the aquariums demonstrated stressed behaviours prompted by their lack of space. 

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