Picturehouse Cinemas

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This boycott was called in 2017 over the company's refusal to negotiate with staff over demands for a living wage. Negotiations have since started but the company is still refusing to pay the living wage. Strike action was ongoing as of January 2018. 

Boycotts have been called by staff from three Picturehouse cinemas in particular: East Dulwich, Brighton, Central and Hackney. The staff also accuse the company of refusing to recognise BECTU, the staff's chosen union and suspending union representatives in the run-up to strikes. In March 2018, BECTU launched a court case accusing Picturehouse of unfairly dismissing the three union reps. 

Gerry Morrissey, the leader of BECTU, stated:

It is appalling that Picturehouse and Cineworldwould rather intimidate and threaten to dismiss their staff than enter constructive negotiations. This is clearly an attempt to break the union by undermining the strike and intimidating other workers.

More than 25 actors and screenwriters have backed the boycott call, and over 15,000 members of the public has signed the petition

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