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Sabra hummus brand is part-owned by The Strauss Group. The Strauss Group is Israel's second biggest food company and has been identified as a target of the BDS movement as a result of its support for two notorious Israeli military units, Golani and Givati.

These brigades committed atrocities during Israel's 2009-10 deadly assault on Gaza. Their members have been known to use horrific imagery on t-shirts, such as a pregnant Palestinian woman in a sniper's cross-hairs, with the slogan “one shot, two kills”.  The company has previously claimed to have "adopted” the two platoons and provided the soldiers with food and personal care packages.  It has removed and reposted information on its website regarding its support for the Israeli military and the status of its current support is unclear.

Sabra hummus is sold by retailers in the UK including Sainsburys and Tesco. Sabra is also owned by PepsiCo, which manufactures Sabra products in the USA. Read our article on the Israel boycott here.

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